Rabbi Manis Friedman

Everything that happens in the world, everything, a leaf that moves from one side of the street to another on a windy day it’s moving because the wind is causing it to move, or is it moving because there’s a divine plan and a purpose for the leaf to be on the other side of the street simple and ammuna in Hashem means nothing, nothing, can happen without a creator causing it to happen.

we have become way too sensitive and way too impressed with what the news says we’re hearing things fifth hand sixth hand some of it is even guesswork and we and we take it so literally and we believe it completely and we become fanatical about it so one of the crazy things of our time of this time is that you know in the past when you used the word fanatic it was almost always religious fanaticism i think for the last couple of decades we have suffered from religious fanaticism now all of a sudden religion seems to be mild compared to the fanaticism in every other area of life everyone has become fanatical about something else fanatical about politics fanatical about health fanatical about the environment fanatical about money real fanaticism either this way your life is over you know we’ve we’ve managed over thousands of years to avoid fanaticism we were told by the altitude don’t overdo it don’t become a fanatic don’t be more from than the than the abrasive now fanaticism has replaced rational thinking it’s true but you see that is all the aveda zara of the day and before we came out of matrayim the first thing that had to happen is all the idols all the aveda zara of mitrayum had to fail convincingly so the nile turns into blood because that was the biggest idol of the egyptians and then we had to shack the lamb before pesach because the lamb the sheep were worshipped by the egyptians and so on party himself was probably worshiped as a god and he had to fail and admit that he’s merely human or barely human so the first thing that has to go is all the false beliefs so i think that in our time today those those failed beliefs are everywhere whatever we once believed in whatever we once trusted miserable failures nothing but frustration wherever you look and that’s why people are becoming fanatical you have to cling to something desperately and when you’re desperate you’re fanatical the truth of course is like he says in the medusa that when mashiach will come he will stand on the roof of the best of the besamigdas which is very strange because mashiach is already here he’s standing on the roof of the base hamikdash which means he already built the base amigdas and what does he need to tell us that he has mango alaska but we don’t know this we have Mashiach we have a basa amigdas and mashia has to scream from the rooftops shout from the rooftop that the goula has come god has to reassure us everything he did he did for our benefit but you read the news and you get confused don’t read the news follow the jewish path the path of ammuna because the path of a munna is the most rational the most reasonable the most sensible path left what is the path of emunah god runs the world god runs the world he’s not only the bailem he not only is the creator he is the manig he is the master of the universe which means he runs it let’s use a very simple example when somebody says Gum zulu Toyota or asks why do bad things happen to good people that’s not a jewish question a jew doesn’t ask why do bad things happen to good people asked why do good people suffer why do good people suffer the the word bad does not appear and here’s the meaning of it the word bad applies only to something that should not happen that’s what bad means something that should not have happened if it should happen it may be painful it may be it may be sad but it’s not bad for example an operation it’s painful it’s it’s sad that it’s necessary but to say an operation is a bad thing happening to a patient it’s not a bad thing it’s a good thing under the circumstances you should never need it but when you do it’s a good thing but what about all the pain pain isn’t necessarily bad the only time pain is bad is if it shouldn’t happen even death itself a person passes away at a ripe old age surrounded by his family this is bad it’s tragic you have to sit shiva but to say it’s bad a bad thing happened so the word bad used correctly means something that should not have happened so when we say nothing bad comes minh nothing bad comes to the world from heaven we mean literally nothing that shouldn’t happen ever happens does pain come in a shamayim absolutely does tragedy come in ashamayam absolutely but always for a reason so is never something happening in the world that should not have happened it goes against the very belief in hashem to think that something can happen when it shouldn’t what does it mean something happened but it shouldn’t have happened it shouldn’t have happened means god didn’t make it happen god didn’t want it to happen so it shouldn’t have happened well then how did it happen it’s a very fundamental question can something happen that isn’t meant to happen it’s not a question of does it happen can it happen in other words is there a good god and a bad god is there a big god and a little god the big god doesn’t want this to happen but the little god makes it happen is it is that kosher bad things can’t happen because bad means that it’s not part of hashem’s plan well if it’s not part of hashem’s plan how did it happen there’s only one mover and shaker there is only one cause in the universe and that is hashem echad so not only do bad things not happen they can’t happen they can’t so everything that happens in the world everything a leaf that moves from one side of the street to another on a windy day it’s moving because the wind is causing it to move or is it moving because there’s a divine plan and a purpose for the leaf to be on the other side of the street simple and ammuna in hashem means nothing nothing can happen without a creator causing it to happen if that’s true then most of our fears disappear who’s going to win the election whoever god chooses of course who else so i remember this rabbi who was on the radio being interviewed after the tsunami and people were stunned and shocked and and unbelieving uh the devastation that the tsunami caused and people were saying why would god do this why would god do this so they invited this rabbi to come on the talk show to explain the theology of it and this rabbi said you know when i first heard the news i had the question too why would god do something like that but then they explain that the tsunami is caused by an underwater earthquake well now we know it wasn’t god so he’s defending god by saying god didn’t do it it was an underwater earthquake or an underwater volcano or something that’s complete and total uppercurses people died because there was an earthquake people die because there’s a virus what happened to our immune just like god has to cause the virus god has to cause the the consequences of the virus there’s a beautiful madrid that says that when the eden made the egil says that that was something that only moshe could get away with if a human being would say such a thing to a human king he would be condemned to death what was meisha saying what are you angry about so what what am i angry about 40 days ago i said that you should not worship an idol and you should not make graven images and here they made a golden calf what am i angry about but moshe was so sincere so the madrid says here’s the full conversation the story behind the story maisha abandon said what are you angry about what are you angry about the yiddin are bowing to a cow cows give milk is it so terrible to show a little appreciation and gratitude to the cow for the milk hashem said to moishe you too you’re making the same mistake a cow doesn’t make milk i have to create the cow i have to create the milk and i have to make the cow give the milk a cow doesn’t do anything a cow is nothing somebody just said so what are you angry about they’re bowing to nothing so the madris says anyone who would do this with a human king would get his head cut off but because meisha was so sincere and so protective of the yiddan hashem actually appreciated it loved him for it but look at look at what what the conversation is a cow gives milk it’s like saying the abuse just said during creation let there be a cow well cows give milk a cow does not have any influence any say any authority over anything the same is true with the tragedies of today people are dying and debris should enlighten us and tell us why and and what for but to say they’re dying because of a virus a virus is just killing people and hashem is out of control he’s just watching helplessly i mean can you call that a munna i’m talking basic minimal emunah of course not of course not so we don’t understand why the righteous suffer but what does it mean we don’t understand why it means we don’t understand hashem’s purpose that doesn’t mean that bad things are happening bad things can’t happen sometimes god does things that are painful but we know that he’s doing it we know that there’s a reason we know that it’s all for the good nothing happens by itself or from other sources god forbid so where does that leave us there’s no question that mashiach is knocking down the door but what will it take mashiach is not a miracle it can’t be a miracle because if mashiach is going to come miraculously he could have come a thousand years ago what’s the difference a miracle can happen any time and it’s not that we deserve a miracle more than previous generations probably not so what does it mean mashiach is coming now to us mashiach is not a miracle mashiach is the maturing of the universe where the world becomes the way it meant to be the way god created it to be but it takes um maturity and it takes a certain amount of wisdom to see the truth to identify the truth and to live by the truth so one one of the things that has to happen before mashiach comes is that we have to be open ready prepared um [Music] strong enough to take the surprise of mashiach’s arrival we have to be conditioned because it has to happen naturally and we have to respond properly you know it wouldn’t make sense for mashiach to come and everybody goes crazy we don’t need another a new problem in the world is not going to bring a new problem so the world has to be conditioned and ready for mashiach what does that mean number one it means that the world has to stop trusting and believing in things that are not true as long as you think you know as long as you think you have the answer as long as you think you have the ms you will never hear the ms so the arrogance of human [Music] ingenuity technology and science and medicine used to give us answers not so long ago we many many people believe that science will solve all our problems that nature has all the answers that medicine will cure every disease and that politicians will make sure that it all happens well i think it’s safe to say nobody thinks that anymore to a certain degree science created our problems medicine has no answer for these problems like you said we don’t know if we should wear a mask or not wear a mask if we should stand together within six feet not within six feet we don’t know we don’t know who gets the virus we don’t know for whom it’s most dangerous we don’t know we’re guessing and politicians are taking advantage everybody’s using it for political gain so do we still trust politics do we trust medicine we’re afraid to go into a hospital so for the first time probably in history the entire world every country in the world is now admitting openly we don’t know we don’t know we don’t know what the answer is well that conditions us that sets us up for a certain amount of humility with which we can now hear ms so if mashiach comes and says emma’s the world will recognize it we’re open we’re not stubborn enough to deny the truth anymore i’m not talking about individuals i’m talking as a rule the exceptions well they’re going to have to follow the majority the world as a rule is ready to hear the ms because we have no more fantasies we have no more false beliefs we have no more idols it’s gone even religion itself is gone only thing left is the torah the only thing left is the message of judaism and the world knows it so should we be panicking no not at all we should be very excited we should be very excited because if you don’t listen to the confusion of the media what’s really happening is the world has gotten so much better in the past seven months so much better morally not politically not material materially not militarily morally we have become a much better people now it’s true that we are having a lot of disagreements strong disagreements but that’s panic goodness is spreading in in some unexpected places in unexpected ways so here’s what we should be looking forward to in the coming year the world is being prepared for mashiach not through the suffering god forbid that’s been done the heavenly mashiach the birth pangs of mashiach those are done now we simply have to adjust our thinking so that we can think a new way a way that mashiach will introduce so that the whole world can recognize one simple truth one set of moral laws that unites the world rather than fracture the world this is what is happening last year was the removal of all the false beliefs this year beginning in rosh hashanah this year the ms the real truth will spread without any resistance to the entire world the surprises of last year were this disorienting there will be surprises this year but it will all be surprisingly good what a surprisingly good mean goodness you never imagined people have the expression it can’t get any worse and we’re always surprised that it can get worse but this time we’re going to be surprised at how much better when you think it can’t get any better it’s going to get much better than we think there is more goodness than we know of i’m not saying more people will be kind of course more people will be kind more people will be refined and idle of course that’s just necessary the surprise is going to be goodness we never even imagined like for example every jew in the world is going to be excited and inspired by their jewishness every jew will be excited to be a jew every human being will be devoted to making the world a moral place the shaiva mitzvah and nature will provide so much treasure that we have no have not discovered yet that we will be so comfortable and so wealthy we will have everything a person can possibly need so that there will be no thoughts of war no thoughts of competition of jealousy of um of of of stealing of lying there will be no need no need the world will finally be an edits the whole world and that all will be the yerushalayim of the whole world and you the lion will be one big base amigdas this is what is going to happen without a doubt and now we can understand a little bit the gemara says that moshiach is going to come by surprise unexpectedly now here we say every single day we talk about moshiach all the time we ask why is mashiach not here why isn’t he coming why isn’t he when is he coming and then when he comes we’re going to be surprised it will be unexpected so one holy person once said the mashiach you’re expecting is not coming the mashiach that is coming is so much better than what you expect that makes sense it makes sense because the coming of mashiach one of the things that it does is heals all the pain of the past heals it it’s not just that we move on every pain every tragedy every puzzle every unanswered question will become resolved and we will see the beauty of it and the goodness of it and the rightfulness of it we will actually say eid hashem i praise you and i thank you ki enough to be for all the things that i once thought were punishment and painful and tragic how else how else it can’t be that pain and suffering happens for 6 000 years then it stops and everything is good from then on that’s not good enough machia has to be so good that it makes the six thousand years of of golus it makes it all good more than compensates it makes it all good so it’s got to be a good that we have not ever seen before now that kind of a radical change that is not going to blow our fuses we have to be eased into it gradually naturally that’s what’s happening the good is dawning it is spreading it is taking over it is much more powerful than than the tragedies but in order to not freak out about it god developed this thing called media supposed to tell you that moshiach is coming but it also conceals the process so that you don’t get overwhelmed but if you stop and think a little bit every bad news you hear don’t believe it don’t believe it it’s the camouflage it’s the concealment but what’s really happening is the world is getting better by the minute by the minute and it will all come out revealed openly aren’t we will be able to see things that are absolutely astonishing and we will be able to embody it we’ll be able to accept it will be able to to digest it properly and become better people so a miracle will just blow the fuse the process of mashiach is step by step minute by minute more and more people are recognizing the ms now we have to do our part when the world is ready to hear the ms who is going to be the teacher who is going to tell the world that wants to know the ms who’s going to tell them the ms rambam says the yiddin every jew is going to have to be a teacher to the world because the jews know devarim we know the secrets of creation we know the reason for creation we know what hashem wants from his creation and now the rest of the world wants to know all of that so look around and see who you can teach and who you can inspire by a phone call using technology because the fastest way to communicate so we have the tools we have the ability we have the knowledge and we also have the time it’s all it’s all set up beautifully and perfectly there’s only one thing missing in this world and that’s not a job or work or career it’s not politics it’s not government it’s not even money there’s only one thing missing godly wisdom so the terror is our wisdom we have to present for all the nations to see that’s a good that’s mashiach so worry with a mask without a mask that’s not that’s not the issue this this politic political party that political party not the issue the issue is watch how god is revealing moshiach to the world and the ms to the world day by day minute by minute and this year it’s all going to come out as mysterious as last year was as confusing confounding that’s how good and how revealed and how clear things are going to become this year just don’t expect it to be in the headlines that happens after mashiach is here if you see good news in the in the news if you see good news in a headline you you know mashiach is here already that’ll be the best sign when when the headlines in the newspaper announce good news mashiach has taken over so be optimistic be very optimistic this is going to be an incredible year a mashiach year and we have no idea how good that is until we see it we’re not gonna believe it so yes mashiach will come but it’s all good

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