Jews do not turn to Jesus because of the Bible! Rabbi Tovia Singer’s interview with Solomon Berezin

From what i’ve learned and watched it’s definitely not that you’re really criticizing the other religions but really just making sure that you know making sure that the a jew isn’t in that um faith yes that’s true however every faith every religion has its has its purpose has its has its place in the world so i’m going to be one of these probably outliers on your show i kind of didn’t feel that way growing up that means when i was a kid and i saw all these crap because i grew up in brooklyn so you have you know a lot of roman catholics who are irish catholic italian hispanic i did feel that there must be something that was taught by the church that somehow filtered in i mean they didn’t weren’t born this way but in truth jews for jesus and other such groups do raise very serious charges against the jewish faith and they deserve a response and people want one and it is very true that there are many things in the new testament that are thoroughly true but whatever is true in the new testament just isn’t new and anything new isn’t really true i don’t criticize hindus or buddhists or other religions i just did a interview in in india for an indian broadcast and i don’t because they’re not involved in evangelizing us but i i do have to respond to very serious charges made against the jewish faith that’s interesting because also don’t there are quite a number of well i can’t say that based on fact but what i’ve heard that quite some jews will go to um eastern traditions um and other faiths right but they’re not targeting us that means there’s no group called jews for buddha there are jubilees when when you listen to then these jews for jesus and one another in the different debates what is their what draws them to um to believe all that because faith is beyond knowledge and understanding so how how are you even how what are you listening to them and what are they saying and then how are you getting them to even consider what the torah is saying so i used to believe jews for jesus i used to believe chosen people ministries i used to believe their rantings meaning their claim is that if you just look in the jewish bible jesus there he’s bouncing off every page now what what you do of course is go that’s an amazing claim that’s a fantastic claim that our tanakh which was written isaiah was 700 years before christianity the torah is 1300 years older than christianity that’s so amazing but when you go back to the original text and say well let me check this out you find that nothing could be further from the truth and that in fact christian translators have altered the jewish scriptures new testament authors have deliberate this is not a misunderstanding i mean this is not like buddhism what i don’t know you know whatever it’s not like eastern religions just came up with something these peop this is really malevolent i mean they really with intent and for knowledge alter the jewish scriptures in order to make it appear christological you live in a part of the world where there are a lot of evangelical christians a lot of them as it turns out strangely strangely for some odd reason in all the christian schools that you find in the united states every catholic school in america providing education for children not just christian children but others none of them teach hebrew to children none of them zero i don’t even have to ask you i know they did now some prep schools do teach latin and teach all sorts of other but not the original language of the bible that these christians believe is the word of god that is mind-blowing of course once you go to university then you can take all sorts of courses in biblical hebrew but then you’re 20 years old it’s too late so what happens is that a jewish kid who goes to yeshiva goes to a jewish day school that’s what you learn immediately is the language of the tanakh so that you can read it in the original so that you can have access that’s the first thing is that empowerment there actually is not a christian school in america it’s a mind just blow your mind away it’s not a christian school in america not for children that teaches hebrew and therefore all christians utterly rely on translators who have participated in this game three card monty of the bible it’s a bait and switch game it’s it’s really not pretty and i expose that and i need to it’s not what i want to say it’s not what i want to i’m very pleased to do this i’m pretty much alone in this effort but thank god i reach millions of people through our channel christians just have no idea because if you’re a catholic you’re reading a jerusalem bible you’re reading a catholic bible if you’re a protestant you’re reading a king james that’s completely filtered and i’m using very strong language corrupted by the church and you don’t you don’t have a shot at knowing what the actual original says and that’s part of what i do now i want to make this point this is really goes to your question this is this is like the big point so i used to believe that if you just demonstrated to jews who are in the church that look the text was changed isaiah doesn’t say a virgin as matthew 1 23 would have to have us believe there’s nothing in isaiah 7 14 that says that and the text was old so i thought they would go oh i didn’t know i guess if that’s true when isaiah 53 is not about a suffering messiah well then they would just pack up and leave just like if i told you the stock you invested in is about to nose dive you’d get rid of it as quickly as possible just give me new information but it didn’t happen that easily and i realized that there’s something going on underneath all this and what it really is two things people struggle with self-esteem they really do people very often struggle with their self-image when they look in the mirror they don’t see something attractive they feel like they’ve done something awful they feel like bad people people this is when people struggle when people make really bad choices in life very frequently it’s not out of a high self-esteem and christianity evangelical christianity nourishes that instead of explaining to someone that you can do it says that you’re a sinner you were born in sin that’s your baggage and your constant companion and there’s only one way to escape your destiny and let’s believe in jesus and that is the mother lode that’s the disaster of the message so number one people feel that i’m gonna go to hell if i don’t believe in jesus why because i’m a sinner i’m lost and then is jesus is like the perfect person he’s nothing like you he he can save you because he’s sinless and you’re definitely not and that’s why people grow to love christianity and love jesus and it’s not the text the texts come in only after in order to sustain what they already want to believe and you’ve got to understand that aspect of christianity in order to be able to address it [Music] you

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