It’s Not What You Think

I’m going to deal with a lot of things today on how the spirit of the antichrist works and how he’s working in our world today and how we need to just we can’t be deceived now i’m going to talk a little bit about abortion and when i get into this and i want to say this ahead of time because when i get going i may not say it if you when i deal with this if you have ever had an abortion and you want help you know there’s a you just because today maybe you got born again maybe you had one before the church is here to help you walk through that just so you know where when i teach i never teach to condemn anybody but sometimes people can take things a certain way especially when they’re real sensitive about it and so we want to help people we’re going to talk a little bit about climate change and how it how it is with the scriptures population control and what does the bible actually say so as i go through this i’m just forewarning you if you’re online or in here it could get a little intense reverent um i think at times when i’m talking we’re going to hear this place be so quiet like a pin drop because i do believe this is a timely message for what’s happening in the world today first john chapter 4 verses 1-3 the bible says dear friends do not believe everyone who claims to speak by the spirit you must test them to see if the spirit they have comes from god now i want to hit this too test judge we have to judge and because that’s what the test test test the spirits i mean judge the spirits so when we hear this oh crazy stuff you know i i’m who am i to judge well if you know the word of god you better test and judge the spirits of people coming from and you say well why should i do that because the bible says so for there are many false prophets in the world this is how we know if they have the spirit of god if a person claiming to be a prophet acknowledges that jesus christ came in a real body that person has the spirit of god but if someone claims to be a prophet and does not acknowledge the truth about jesus that person is not from god such a person has the spirit of the antichrist which you heard is coming into the world and indeed is already here first john chapter 2 verses 18 through 23 dear children the last hour is here you have heard that the antichrist is coming and already many such antichrists have appeared from this we know that the last hour has come these people left our churches but they never really belonged with us otherwise they would have stayed with us when they left it proved that they did not belong with us but you are not like that for the holy one has given you his spirit and all of you know the truth so i am writing to you not because you don’t know the truth but because you know the difference between truth and lies and who is a liar anyone who says that jesus is not the christ anyone who denies the father and the son is an antichrist anyone who denies the son doesn’t have the father either but anyone who acknowledges the son has the father also so here’s what he’s saying if you there’s only one way to get to heaven and that’s through jesus there’s only one way to get to god and that’s through jesus there is no other way so the word antichrist means against christ it also means in replace of christ the spirit of the antichrist is against everything having to do with christ or god it means a continual the antichrist means a continual unending and perpetual perpetual resistance against the things of god so people who are walking around today with the spirit of the antichrist that are that and those are the people who are against the kingdom god’s word the church so we need to understand now there is a real antichrist in other words there’s a person a specific person that will come on the scene who is the antichrist the epitome of satan and all of that and he is the antichrist he’ll set himself up in the temple sit down and say he’s god there is a man a human being that will come that is the antichrist but here’s the thing and that’s the final manifestation the final product of the spirit of the antichrist which has not yet been revealed in human history but the spirit of that antichrist is already working in the world and the earth today and that’s what we’re talking about so when most people think of the antichrist they see it as something that will happen way in the future but not something we deal with today understanding that there is a spirit of the antichrist which john said is already at work in the world understanding the difference between the antichrist and the spirit of the antichrist is very important for people to understand you say where the church is here but the spirit of the antichrist is already working he’s already at work trying to deceive see we are either being influenced by the spirit of god or the spirit of the antichrist the devil there’s no other group or thing out there to be influenced by your life is either being consistently influenced by the spirit of god or the spirit of the antichrist the devil and i’m not saying there’s a devil on every corner i’m not talking about i’m just saying there’s a spirit that’s in this world that is working one great deception of the spirit of the antichrist has to do with a denial of when jesus said i am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me so that’s that’s one of the great deceptions in the world today i’m a good person so surely i get to go to heaven so and my aunt so-and-so is a good person so surely god will let her into heaven and they just ignore or reject jesus that’s such a great deception in our world today because i’ve said this many times nice people don’t go to heaven generous people don’t go to heaven good people don’t go to heaven save people go to heaven and there’s only one way to be saved and that’s through jesus christ there is no other savior for mankind so we are living in a time when people believe that all roads lead to god that’s the spirit of the antichrist at work the spirit of antichrist is against christ in place of christ the teachings of the scriptures it seeks to undermine creation itself but the spirit of antichrist is already at work in the world to deceive people to be against god and again we have not seen the actual person but the spirit of the antichrist is here to deceive us to be against god that’s why i think in the last days when jesus said in matthew 7 21 in the last days people will come up to him and say lord we did this we did this we did this and he said i don’t even know who you are department department you workers of iniquity and lawlessness so the spirit of antichrist does not deny i want you to hear this too the spirit of the antichrist does not deny the existence of god what it does deny is the relationship of the father and son it also denies that the messiah has come that jesus is god come in the flesh and so when you hear people say well i believe in god you have to ask the question well what god do you believe in and here’s what i found out with most people they don’t know they have a hard time articulating well i believe in the father of the lord jesus because 80 percent of our society says they believe in god the question is remains what god do you believe in because if 80 of our people believed in god we wouldn’t have a governor like we have we wouldn’t have a country like we have because who in their right mind would vote for that and if you’re mad i don’t care get mad because i’m not talking about listen listen i’m i’m not talking about democrat or republican and that can be your god if you want it to be i’m talking about being christ-like i told you it’d be interesting let me give you an example islam the religion of muhammad muhammad arose up in the 7th century he claimed to be a prophet and claimed to receive from an angel the teachings of the koran he claimed islam was the true fulfillment of the old and new testament he claimed that christians had perverted the real truth and jesus was only a prophet but yet you hear people talk today like well they’re good people that’s that’s irrelevant they’re of the spirit of the antichrist because they don’t believe what i’ve already read that jesus is god come in the flesh they don’t believe he’s the son of the most high god and so when people say well they believe in the same god i do no no no they don’t and mormonism started the same way that joseph smith was visited by the angel moroni and mohammed said he was visited by an angel also they gave him the koran the koran and then and then the angel moroni gave joseph smith the book of mormon and we’re always saying things like this as christians well they’re good people well i’m not denying that but what does that have to do with when with are they with us are they against us you see what you got to understand that’s the spirit of antichrist he said but i know some of those people are good people see that’s not relevant to the argument or the discussion or the scriptures because the enemy comes to the sea wouldn’t it be great if the devil every time he showed up had horns and a long tail and a pitchfork and said i am the devil wouldn’t that be it’d be easy but that’s not how deception works deception is subtle so let me read you a scripture galatians 1 8 but even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to and different from that which we preach to you the word of god let him be accursed the epiphany says anathema devoted to destruction doomed to eternal punishment the word anathema means a person or thing detested accursed or consigned to damnation he’s saying if anything any kind of being any person any angel angelic being comes to you and preaches a different gospel than this my bible says they’re accursed and damned forever see we we want the truth from the movie a few good men remember that jack nicholson you can’t handle the truth is what he said you want the truth but you can’t handle the truth so here’s what happens in christianity today because we’ve been fluffed and puffed we’ve been told you know just go live your life the way you want you’re just okay but when truth really comes man it’s just like oh my gosh what’s happening here because we’ve been so deceived it’s amazing i i i’m asking god all the time god i don’t want to be deceived please so even if an angel comes so an angel came to the muhammad and an angel came to joseph smith and yet all we say is whether or not you know they’re not good or they’re good people or they’re nice people listen that’s not relevant and here’s what i want to say to that we are still called to reach them we’re called to reach them with cry i want i want the muslims to be born again i want the mormons to be born again i want everybody to be born again so it’s not like we’re not trying to reach them but how can you reach them if you have no truth if we’re just trying to be like them and just be nice and friendly all the time and we’re the same we’re not the same when those kind of people told me they believe in the same god i do i’m like oh no no no no you do not there’s only one god guys and the only way to have a relationship with him is through jesus christ see you can talk about buddha islam but you better not bring up jesus not at work not even in some churches this is the spirit of the antichrist at work in our world right now see i believe hitler mussolini stalin they were types of the antichrist and here’s why you know because they were trying to control the world and think about what hitler and stalin did they killed so many jewish people to eradicate god’s chosen people because the spirit of the antichrist is always trying to control the spirit of god is always working to lead the spirit of the antichrist always begins in some way in association i read with the people of god but it does not really belong they claim god exists and then go a different way here’s an excerpt i want to read from a book i’m not really recommending because i’ve never read it i just read one excerpt of it and i liked it it’s from the book the bride and the harlot and the end times and when i read this statement it just so struck me it goes like this open your eyes and test the spirits and you will see a terrible sight it is so terrible that most people do not dare look at it they close their eyes and say we must not judge after all we are only human and so they are helplessly led astray by these antichrists you know what it is i don’t want to look at that i don’t want to deal with that whatever that is so we open our eyes and say hey hey man that if you keep going that way you won’t make heaven and then you hear even christians use the term we are not to judge because we take the scripture way out of context and you know what god’s already judged things we’re just agreeing with him but we always make it so human why because the antichrist wants to shame that’s why i call names you’re intolerant you’re a hater because we don’t agree with certain things wow see where absolute truth is removed absurdity rules the day the idea of killing babies is absurd but yet abortion happens every day the idea that man can change to become a woman or a woman to a man is absurd yet accepted today ideas ideas that seem absurd become accepted when absolute truth is removed and that’s why we as the church got to stand up and be the light so when people look they say there’s hope because they’re standing up for what’s right and true they’re not mean-spirited they’re not they’re not attacking they’re saying come man everybody’s welcome in the family of god [Applause] people talk about racism in this country there’s racism and there’ll always be some racism anybody ever heard of margaret sanger she started planned parenthood let me read a quote from her because i’m going to deal with something for the next few moments that i think is really interesting margaret sanger said this we want to exterminate the negro population now i know we have a lot of black folks in this church and and i and i’m grateful we have everybody in this church and i’m grateful but when we stand up against abortion i want you to hear this 25 million black babies have been killed in the last 50 years they said in new york in and 2019 more black babies were aborted than were born just think about this if those 25 million babies were to live a third of our population would be black and this whole country would be different than it is today do you know this 80 according to abby johnson 80 of all planned parenthood or abortion clinics are in minority areas because they were right supremist margaret sanger hitler the leader of i think is robert blair of the aclu they were all white supremacists so we stand up and say we need to stop abortion that is the true racism because if we stop it then all of a sudden everybody thrives so don’t ever look at me and don’t ever look at us and say you know uh you don’t say enough i say more than almost any preacher i know in the country about racism and i’m not listen i’m not shooting my own horn but i’m a church specialist i listen i know this is what i do and i hate prejudice i hate racism i hate it with a passion because it’s of the spirit of the antichrist not of god we are made of every kind of dirt we’re human beings created in the image and likeness of an almighty god and that’s what we should stand on had we ever opened our eyes as a church or a people what a different world we would have how about climate change climate change basically says there are way too many people on the earth and that having babies causes global warming by increasing our carbon footprint is absurd amen it’s just absurd but i know like oh i believe in it you know we’re killing the environment now i’m never talking about polluting and destroying our environment but these people aren’t talking about that they’re talking about destroying human beings bill gates is huge on population control his dad sat on the board of planned parenthood his wife i think just gave him gave him 378 million dollars to kill babies spirit of the antichrist just so you know they’re not of god that’s evil so there’s a movement to not have as many babies or many kids at all and they use this term that they’ve been using lately for the common good because they tried against shame like it’s for everybody don’t you guys care when the governor said doesn’t the church care that people are dying well governor do you not care you’re killing thousands and thousands of babies every year they don’t talk about caring i’m so sick of these people talking about how they care about people they only care because she’s drunk with power and it’s it’s sickening but we don’t know well she’s trying her best is she yeah i don’t think so how about pedophilia it’s completely absurd yet the aclu and groups of people are trying to make it normal you see you got to just read this is what’s happening in our country i want to read something to you from the king james version romans chapter one i’m going to read verses 22-32 romans 1 22-32 are you ready actually verse 21 because that when they knew god they glorified him not as god neither were thankful but became vain in their imaginations and their foolish heart was darkened that’s why the absurdities are happening in the world today professing themselves to be wise they became fools and changed the glory of the uncorruptable god into an image made like to corruptable man and to birds and four-footed beasts and creeping things wherefore god also gave them up to an uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts to dishonor their own bodies between themselves who changed the truth of god into a lie and worshiped and served the creature more than the creator who is blessed forever amen i’m going to come back to that for this cause god gave them up unto vile affections for their women to change the natural use and to that which is against nature and likewise also the men leaving the natural use of the woman burned in their lust one toward another men with men working that which is unseemly and receiving in themselves the recompense of their error which was meat in other words some translations say their personalities were changed that’s why you see some men that are more feminine than women and some women who are more masculine than a normal man that’s what he’s referring to and even as they did not like to retain god and their knowledge god gave them over to a reprobate mind to do things which are not convenient anyone in other words a mind to believe all the absurdities i said they can believe that because they have no conscience and they have no right and wrong being filled with all unrighteousness fornication which is any sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman wickedness covetousness maliciousness full of envy murder debate deceit malignity whispers backbiters haters of god despiteful proud boasters invented inventors of evil things disobedient to parents without understanding covenant breakers with not without natural affection implacable unmerciful who knowing the judgment of god that they which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them in other words applaud those who do let me can i say something when absolute truth is removed and it has been from our country school systems the political environment your workplaces absurdity reigns and we as christians we cannot allow ourselves to be deceived with the absurdity of the spirit of the antichrist you see climate change population control goes against creation and the truth of a creator it is worshiping the creation the earth instead of the creator who is blessed forever amen people come up to me even christians say well mother earth listen my mother is named phyllis this earth is not my mother and the god said not not steve not legacy church god said that the earth was made for us not us for the earth and when you come to climate change and i’m gonna get into what the bible says you have to understand this you say why are you against it now i’m not saying pollute everything i’m not saying that i’m not saying dump bad stuff in rivers or into the soil i’m not saying that i’m just saying their whole thing about climate change is population control what look at this look at this there’s somebody that people read about all the time because they think we want to know here’s what prince harry said prince harry said his two-baby pledge is premised on his concern for the earth some would argue his decision to have even a second child is immoral now can i tell you something that goes against the scriptures it goes completely against what the bible says but that’s the nature of what we’re dealing with you see god said let me just read can i just read it genesis chapter one go to genesis chapter one we’re gonna go at the beginning and we’ll end up in revelations no i’m kidding i’m kidding you we’re not gonna do that people are like man that’s a long book i’ll think is that book he’s got two of them up there there’s going to be a day see the bible teaches us that the earth was made for us not us for it and that’s a big difference but this climate change thing sounds so good right i mean it sounds so good but it is straight from the pit of hell to believe such nonsense or absurdity is is really it’s crazy but because we have been so indoctrinated by the world the spirit of the antichrist it seems absurd when you hear the truth at times galatians 1 1 in the beginning god created the heavens and the earth who created them and when people say climate change or your you know your carbon footprint is too much we need to cut the population we have too many people they go against who the creator is he created the heavens are so here’s what they’re saying god is so stupid and so ignorant and so small that when he made the earth he forgot that people would keep multiplying and so their belief is we’re going to run out of resources you know why because they’re the spirit of the antichrist let me read let me read something else the bible says in genesis let’s go to verses 27 and 28. i’m not making this up i’m reading it so you can’t you’ll just say man i heard it so god created human beings in his own image in the image of god he created them male and female and created them then god blessed them and said be fruitful and multiply fill the earth and govern it reign over the fish and the sea the birds in the sky and all the animals that scurry along the ground you see god said god created human beings in his own image in the image of god he created them god said be fruitful multiply that means you can have as many kids as you want that means there’s over seven billion people in the earth and all these so-called people that claim to be scientists are saying we’re killing the environment we’re killing the earth they go against the creator who is blessed forever amen and they worship the creature the creation if there was 10 billion people on the earth it still wouldn’t be enough we still wouldn’t run out of resources he said how do you know because god said be fill the earth he didn’t put a limit okay boys when you get to 7 billion that’s enough so really if you believe in a creator you have to believe he made this earth big enough to handle as many people as we can be fruitful and multiply and bring in and so these kind of people that i showed like prince say they’re they’re so full of themselves and then about like if you have 12 kids you have 12 kids you know the bible says you you can have your quiver full you know what quiver’s about seven and our quiver stopped at three but it wasn’t because i was thinking about my carbon footprint when you look at it through the eyes of the kingdom of the scriptures of the truth it’s absurd to buy into it and what all you’re hearing across the world is the globus the globalists that are saying we got we got to protect the earth we we have to we have to do that because there’s too many people and we have to figure out how to cut the population down so i know how we’ll do it we’ll just kill all the babies we can the hundreds of millions that are killed every year that’s how we’ll do it we’ll just murder them and it’s shocking to me when people claim to be lovers of god and they think that’s okay now again i preface if you’ve had an abortion we’re not condemning you we’re saying we’re here to love on you and help you the church is never to condemn so how can we say the population needs to be lessened that climate control and population control are needed again this is the spirit of the antichrist at work and they will say because it’s for the common good please don’t buy into it you see what’s happening to us even now in our own state we’re being socially conditioned to believe in things that sound good but are actually against scripture against god the spirit of the antichrist and when people tell me well i think the governor is doing the best you can i said are you serious that’s the best she can do is to destroy people’s lives i mean we’re like the top in dui now we’re at the top in suicide people losing their businesses and their jobs right and left and people say well you don’t have compassion but people died listen i have compassion for anybody that loses their loved one for any reason but it doesn’t mean the rest of us have to stop living and making a living and having the freedoms that not this government gave us but god gave us and so when we’re talking about the spirit of the antichrist and you uh we’re allowing ourselves to be socially conditioned that this is okay it’s normal you understand we’re one of the three most locked down states in america you understand that california new mexico and new jersey we’re the three most locked down states in america and yet we have one of the fewest issues with this whole thing so when i stand up here and the church comes against things like abortion and [Music] the crazy things of changing your gender i want you to hear this transgender is the epitome of the epitome of the spirit of the antichrist because rather than acknowledge god and that we are created in his image and his likeness here’s what they say they’re saying i am my own god and i will create myself in my own image that’s what they’re saying because if a man became a woman through surgical procedure and died and 40 years later someone dug up the bones and they tested the dna he would still be a man you see that’s why we we need to have a stand we need to have a belief system because they’re saying god’s saying i made you in my image and my likeness and then what their people are saying is oh no i’m god and i’ll make myself in my own image and what the church has done is acquiesced and said well that’s okay but if we don’t get them born again they’re going to end up in hell folks i don’t want i i’m afraid of hell he said why are you afraid of it because i don’t want to go there i mean sometimes what keeps me serving god is thinking man my alternative is hell i don’t want to go there that’s forever and ever you never get out it’s not you can never be paroled from there and if we don’t wake up now we’re going to be all caught up for the common good and we’re going to bind to things that are absurd especially in the eyes of god i gave you lots of scriptures i said lots of things c.s lewis said this men became scientific because they expected law and nature and they expected law and nature because they believed in a law giver god’s not against science but today in our culture science is against god because they say things they cannot prove you say oh no the caps they’re melting listen how do you not know that hasn’t been a cycle that’s happened it takes 200 years and all of a sudden it comes back and it goes how do you know because they don’t know the carbon dating system was blown up when i think it was mount st helens blew up and you know they never talk about it anymore because it dispelled their so-called science because here’s what we know god will not be mocked and and we either stand up and believe or you stand up and don’t believe but there’s a clear choice so if you’re here today and you’re not right with god or you’re online today and you’re not right with god this is your moment you you can’t afford to wait any longer or you’re out there and you’ve never given god your heart or you’re in here and you’ve never given god your heart this is your chance this is your chance that your eyes will be opened doesn’t the bible say saying corinthians 4 4 that the god of this world blinds the eyes we all need to pray god open my eyes that i can see what you want me to see he blinds the eyes of those so they cannot see the glorious gospel there is a thief out there who comes to steal kill and destroy he’s trying to steal your whole eternal life and we get caught up in these things because they sound so good but when you look at them it’s absurd and when absolute truth is removed absurdity reigns and yet we as christians will be made to feel like we’re less than somebody else and i want you i want you to hear this if you’re a believer in god you are somebody you’re not less than anybody and why do you let the spirit of the antichrist intimidate us that we stay in the corner and said i don’t want to see that i i’m no i’m not no no no no we don’t want to see the terrible sights and deal with them and then when you do today in our culture it’s like oh my gosh it’s like a novelty it’s like a novel thing like oh man no one talks like this anymore but if i was to preach this message 40 years ago they would say oh man you’re still you’re still being it’s you need to be stronger but today it freaks people out do you really want to know the truth get in your bibles and and god will reveal the absurdities that’s happened in life and our mission and our responsibilities to reach people and if you if you’re of that i don’t care what you’ve done in your life i don’t care what you what you claim to be but if you want to be a born-again believer tonight jesus will come in your heart and save you and he’ll help you and lead you away from that thing that your sin or whatever it is he will help you and love you i’m not preaching this to be mean i’m preaching it because i think these are the last of the last days and if we don’t understand what’s working we’ll all get caught up with the common good and people like you know don’t you care about people yes i care about people but i respect people i respect adults that you have the ability to make your decisions for your own life but there are people that don’t and amazing all the blue states in america are doing awful in a lot of the red states they’re just thriving you got to ask them why that is you say are you talking about republican democratic folks i’m so beyond that junk i’m just saying listen how can anybody support an abortionist how can anybody support someone that just wants to control us because remember i said it’s always the spirit of the antichrist that wants to control god only leads and guides. we have a choice and it’s a clear choice right now you have a clear choice it’s either god or no god but there’s no in between there’s no in between and i don’t know about you this is part one by the way um because i just think there’s so many more absurdities that we can deal with but the whole reality is you must be born again you must believe in the father son relationship you must believe that jesus was god emmanuel god come in the flesh you must believe that jesus was all man and all god and he died for our sins we must believe that see muhammad only believed that jesus was a prophet the mormon church doesn’t believe he’s the son of god either because they believe they’re going to be gods of their own planets i don’t know if you knew this but why the coronavirus was going on utah passed a law that made it okay for men to marry more than one woman and the reason for that in the mormon teaching is because the more kid you have now you’re already you’re already replenishing or you’re already building your kingdom when you die it’s the same thing the devil believed that i’m going to exhaust my throne over the throne of the north over god’s throne and i will be god and god said oh no so if you don’t believe in the devil who did jesus jesus see being cast out of heaven to the earth [Music] who was it rumpelstiltskin we must learn and we must ask god to open our eyes but if you’re like if you’re not right with god or you need to get right with god i’m going to pray for you we’re going to pray for you but before i do that i want to pray this pray for us and i’m going to ask you to pray with me with every head bowel would you pray and if you’re online you prayed out loud too father i’m asking you to open my eyes that the god of this world that is purposing to blind us to blind me i command those scales to fall off my eyes let me see as you see let me understand as you understand i am a true believer and i believe in you god and i believe in your son in jesus name in jesus name now listen if you’re here with every head bowed and you’re online with every head bowed even if you’re by yourself and you say pastor june club in your prayer i need to give my life to the lord today i need to get it right i played a game i played around but today’s my day i’ve walked with him but i’ve i’ve walked away and i know i’m not right i’m not even trying anymore if you’re trying you know what guys if you’re working at it then we’re all a work in progress god’s pleased with that because you’re you you have his heart you you’re saying i need to work on this and i need to work on that that’s that’s okay because that’s how god deals with us but if you’re here and you say pastor i need to get my life right or pastor would you pray with me i need jesus in my life period i do believe in god and i believe in his existence but you just read that if i don’t believe in the son and father relationship if i don’t believe in jesus then it doesn’t matter i don’t have a relationship with god so would you pray with me today here’s what i’m asking you to do with every head bowed here’s what i’m asked to do right at your seat and if you’re at home i want you to do the same thing if you’re with a group of people or even by yourself i want you to be able to say god i don’t care what anybody thinks i acknowledge you i want you in my life if that’s you in jesus name right now without any hesitation in jesus name would you just lift your hand up all over this place pastor including your prayer thank you thank you god bless you god bless you god bless you god bless you god bless you all over this place keep your hand god bless you god bless you and who else god bless you as i look across the top how many up there would lift your hand up and just let me see it i i haven’t i didn’t get to look up there is there anybody up there that says pastor include me in your prayer i’m ready to give my life to the lord god bless you god bless you god bless you who else would join these so many people you know why because when the spirit of god moves he begins to deal with your heart and say it’s time it’s time to have eternal life living in you so you can understand even the scriptures that you read anybody else before we close father in jesus name i thank you for all those who lifted their hand there were so many i pray their lives will never be the same because of you today that they realize you’re a loving god that we’re not here to condemn anybody we’re to help them to come to know you because we’re all sinners saved by grace and if any man says he’s not sin he’s a liar we all make mistakes we all sin and come short of the glory of god and so father those that lifted their hand bless them today let them know that you care and you do love them no matter what they’ve done in life no matter what they’ve said you love them that you’re going to you’re forgiving them now of that in jesus name so if you lifted your hand i want you to pray this prayer loud with me if you’re already right with god i want you to pray in support of those let’s all pray together but if you live today and pray with all your heart would you pray father i choose to believe in jesus and i believe he is your son and i believe he is lord of all i believe that jesus is god come in the flesh and died for me i believe that and so now with my heart i believe and with my mouth i willingly confess jesus be lord of my life thank you for saving me thank you for forgiving me i believe in jesus name amen and amen amen let’s thank God.

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